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Ashdown Primary School

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3Hazel 2021-22     

Welcome to 3 Hazel's class page!

Explorer Dome

 Year 3 enjoyed their visit from the Explorer Dome. They found out about sources of light, shadows and reflection, as well as pondering some of the bigger questions, such as 'what is light and how does it travel?'  A massive thank you to the brilliant Explorer Dome team, who travelled all the way from Bristol.

Godstone Farm trip

In term 4, Year 3 enjoyed a fun day out at Godstone Farm. This was to support the learning in our topic 'from farm to fork'. We met many interesting animals - some were fluffy and cute, others more unusual, such as a giant stick insect! We even got to stroke and feed some of the animals. The highlight of the trip was witnessing Alice the pig give birth to eight tiny piglets. There were so adorable! Sadly, one of the piglets was a runt, just like in Charlotte's Web, our class novel. Farmer Caroline was so impressed with the children's knowledge, that she promised to name one of the boy piglets Wilbur in our honour!


Stone Age artefacts workshop

Year 3 were lucky to have a special visitor in term 3, who taught us all about the Stone Age and how people lived thousands of years ago. We examined some authentic Stone Age artefacts and found out what they might have been used for. We even had a try at grinding our own corn using a rock, and dressing up as a hunter/gatherer. 

Animation Nation Workshop

At the end of term 2, Year 3 took part in a workshop run by Animation Nation. Here we applied the skills learnt in our 'animation' computing topic to make our own stop-motion animations. After planning a mini story then designing and making characters, teams used mini studios, including Ipads and green screen technology, to make their own films. The children really enjoyed this workshop - I think we have some budding animators in our midst! We hope you enjoy watching them too.



Year 3 Science Day

 In term 1, Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous day learning all about forces and magnets. In the morning, we created and raced our own elastic racers. In the afternoon we learnt about the world's oldest magnet, strongest magnet and oldest magnet. 

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