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Ashdown Primary School

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4gardenia 2021-22



Mr Gray- Class Teacher                                                Mrs Munro- Teaching Assistant

Term 5: Mrs Jarman/ Mrs Buckingham (RE/French)

Mr Gray is out of class every Thursday afternoon for 'planning, preparation and assessment' (PPA) time. Please speak to him-or send an email, if necessary- at any time you feel you need to. 


Trip to Ashdown Forest



Our trip to Ashdown Forest was wonderful. Despite the weather’s indecisiveness between snow, wind or sunshine, and despite requests for lunch at 10.05, the children trudged on happily, and were terrifically successful at using a variety of types of maps and applying the knowledge and skills they have been building all term. Many thanks to Rachel for leading us round on our walk and giving the staff some ideas for activities too; we had an amazing time, and some of the discussions about nature and geography that I had while walking around with the children made me very proud indeed.

Year 4 Ashdown Forest Trip 1/4/22





To round off our unit on Tri-Golf, the children worked in groups to create a crazy golf course! They were given the brief that their hole had to include some chipping and putting (the control of which has been the skills focus for the term. I think if you look through the photo gallery you’ll agree with me that we have a significantly creatively-minded set of children in 4Gardenia. They really have come along with the accuracy and judgment of the power of their shots as the term has moved on.


4Gardenia's World Book Day




Judging by how tired the class were on Friday, World Book Day was clearly an exciting, mentally nourishing day! We spent the day on activities centred an the book, Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by David Almond (an absolutely wonderful author; I recommend checking out his books Skellig and The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas) and illustrated incomparably by Dave McKean. It's about a group of imaginative children who invent the titular animals in a gap-filled world without them, and the consequences that arise when they do.

We spent some time reading and discussing the story, and then drew story maps in groups to follow up. After that we used pastels to reimagine the illustrations from the book to include animals from our own imaginations. In the afternoon, we used clay to make the animals from our pastel drawing and went to the computer room to make animations of them coming to life.

What a super day it was; It's not often you get to see Spider-Man reading next to Cat in the Hat!

Gardenia's World Book Day


Hands on science day

4Gardenia were galvanised when Mike from Hands on Science came to visit. We were challenged to make some more advanced circuits with some exciting circuit sets, used compasses to show how the flux of magnetism loops around a magnet, and explored manipulating iron filings with magnets. What an electrifying day! 

Year 4 Electricity: Hands on Science 2022



Dance: The Iron Man

In PE this term we have been using the story of The Iron Man to inspire and recreate dance moves that are both robotic and follow the plot of the book. The children have begged me to put the music online so they can practise their jerky movements, angular positions and isolated body part movements at home. Listen to the music: can you hear The Iron Man being introduced and falling off the cliff, putting himself back together, walking out to sea, and returning to land so he can chomp on a tractor or two?



Fair Trade Ambassador: Ivy 

School Council: Mabel and Theo 

Science Ambassador: Elsie 

 Digital Leader: Grace




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