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My name is Mrs Stephen and I have the honour of being the Head of Bodiam House at the Ashdown Primary Junior site.


After a very close run contest we are now able to congratulate the House Captains for 2021/2022! All the staff were thrilled with the end result and I am pleased to be able to announce that Bodiam's very well deserving House Captains are:  

 Tate and Millie 

I'm really excited about working with Tate and Millie this year and I know that they are going to be fabulous representatives for our brilliant house!

See below for updates on our fabulous inter-house competitions which are run termly.

Find out interesting information about Bodiam Castle here 


This term's competition kicked off with the question...

Should 10-year-olds have a mobile phone?

Scotney debated this against Bodiam on Wednesday and Arundel went head to head with Hever on Thursday.
The following week Scotney taok on Arundel and Hever battled against Bodium.  The question  was; can 10 year olds make a difference to climate change?  The answer was yes, they most certainly can!
In the final week it was Bodiam against Arundel  and Scotney versus Hever.  The children were asked to decide which is generally better- the book or the film?
The progress as the debates went on was brilliant to see and a big thank you to all the staff who helped with a demonstration in assembly.  This really helped the children to understand how debating works and in the end some of the children were getting really very good at it!
So, for the results...
Week 1              Bodiam v Scotney        Declared a draw
                          Hever v Arundel           Hever won
Week 2             Bodiam v Hever           Bodiam won
                          Arundel v Scotney       Arundel won
Week 3             Bodiam v Arundel       Bodiam won
                         Hever v Scotney          Hever won
In joint first place we have Hever and Bodiam with 2 wins each.
In second place congratulations to Arundel who secured a win and 
commiserations to Scotney who tried really hard but came in 3rd place without a win this time.


The inter-house chess competition came to a gripping conclusion with the house champions playing some terrific chess in a four-way showdown.  Huge congratulations to Harry for representing Bodiam so brilliantly and competing against some of the oldest children in the school in order to reach the final.  We have very high hopes for future years and firmly believe that Harry will be a champion of the future!

Check out the Arundel page for lots of fabulous pictures of our champions in action!

1st Place: Marlowe of Scotney

2nd Place: Matthew of Hever

3rd Place: Harry of Bodiam

4th Place: Moksha of Arundel



This term the children were asked to design a "One Kind Word" anti bullying poster (year 3/4) or a leaflet (year 5/6) to link in with anti bullying week (15th-19th November 2021).

The winners were...

Year 3 Esther from 3 Hazel (BODIAM)

Year 4 Ivy from Gardenia (HEVER)

Year 5 Esme from Birch (BODIAM)

Year 6 Sasha from Silveroak (BODIAM)

3 out of 4 winning positions- fabulous!  Well done Bodiam, I am incredibly proud of you!  If you want to see their brilliant work for yourself, head over the Scotney page as Mrs Birchard has put pictures on there.



Whenever a play leader sees an example of someone utilising the OPAL equipment well, tidying up well or supporting another child, then they are given a point.  The house captains have been encouraged to "rally their troops"! and at the end of the challenge, the house with the most points will be announced the winner.

Lots of points were given out and it was great to see everyone working so well together.  Congratulations to Arundel which was the winning house this term.