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Here is where we celebrate everything we all get up to outside school!

You might get some ideas of hobbies and pastimes you could try yourself.

These brave souls attempted the Downsman Challenge with their cub pack on Saturday, this is a hike up to 15 miles across the South Downs.  

Jack's team set off first and completed 9.5 miles and Freddie and Hayden's team set off a little later (they were attempting a marginally shorter 11miles) and achieved 5 miles before the event was called off due to the horrendous weather.  

This event has never been called off before for bad weather, and I know one year it was completed in torrential rain so the conditions yesterday must have been pretty dangerous for the organisers to do this to be fair.



Congratulations to Skye in 3Tanoak.  She competed this weekend in Disco and Lyrical. She won 2nd place in Disco with her ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ dance. She competes in the Junior section against children up to year 6. Skye dances with RB Arts Academy and has been dancing for 5 years. 

Congratulations to Lara in 3Hazel for receiving your 10m swimming certificate.