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Fair Trade is an international movement which ensures that producers in poor countries get a fair price for their goods (one that covers the cost of production, and guarantees them a living income), decent working terms and conditions, long-term contracts which provide security, support to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their businesses, and increase sales. At Ashdown Primary School we are committed to ensuring that children have a good knowledge of the wider world. In order to ensure this we plan learning that develops children’s understanding of Green Issues, Fair Trade and Charities and how individuals can make a difference. 

Fairtrade Ambassadors 2022

There were lots of children who wished to be Fairtrade Ambassadors this year and the letters, posters and leaflets which we received from potential ambassadors really impressed us.  After lots of discussion with class teachers and very careful consideration, the following children were awarded the prestigious honour.

Year 1    Evie and Imogen- deputy (Woodpeckers)

              Austin and Isla- deputy (Hedgehogs)

Year 2   Joe and Marcy- deputy (Foxes)

             Annabel and Sofia- deputy (Rabbits)

Year 3   Ella (3 Tanoak) and Harry (3 Hazel)

Year 4   Niamh (4 Ginkgo) and Ivy (4 Gardenia)

Year 5   Jack (5 Willow) and Charlotte (5 Birch)

Year 6   Holly (6 Silveroak) and Alice (6 Ash)



Fairtrade tuckshop

Our Fairtrade Ambassadors are very excited about the organisation and running of the Fairtrade tuckshop which will be starting early in Term 5   We will be selling Fairtrade juice and biscuits and will provide information about prices and specific dates very shortly.

Fairtrade Fortnight February 2022

This was launched in a special assembly given by Mrs Hogg, who used to be Head of School at the Infants and is now one of our school governors.  As a member of Crowborough Fairtrade, there was no-one better qualified to teach us about the importance of Fairtrade and its impact on protecting the rights of growers. 

Mrs Hogg also awarded our fabulous Fairtrade Ambassadors with their Fairtrade badges.  This brilliant bunch will be working with Mrs Dickson and Mrs Stephen to promote Fairtrade within our school and can't wait to get started. 

In learning time, the children spent time developing their understanding of Fairtrade and the positive role that it plays in so many lives.  The children in EYFS were busy logo spotting and making posters and shopping baskets to show what they had learned.  In Year 5 there was some fabulous poetry writing and Year 6 spent time thinking about reducing their carbon footprint because of the impact that climate change is having on Fairtrade growers.  This linked brilliantly with their learning about Greta Thunberg and they have really started to think about the differences which they can make in order to help.

Delicious aromas filled the Infant school towards the end of the second week thanks to the baking taking place for the Fairtrade tea.  Tasty treats such as chocolate brownies, rocky road and chocolate chip and banana cupcakes were a huge success and you can read more about the fabulous Fairtrade tea below.


Fairtrade tea (25th February 2022)

Our Fairtrade ambassadors made us very proud as they served our school community with a selection of Fairtrade bakes and drinks at our Fairtrade Tea. It was a huge success and we raised a whopping £180 to send to the Fairtrade foundation.

In addition to the baking done by the infants, many families and a number of staff members provided cakes, gave their time and made generous donations. It was such a huge success that there were a few people who sadly didn't manage to get the chance to sample any of the home-made bakes- which means we'll have to go even bigger next time!