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Physical Education (PE)

This is how learning accumulates in PE:


As a school we regularly take part in all cluster sporting events. Term 1 we had a brilliant start to our sporting journey to success with great results in the boys Years 3/4 football, Years 3 - 6 cross country and girls Years 3/4 football.

Term 2 has seen us compete in the boys year 5/6 football, year 5/6 girls football and the second round of cross-country.


Well done to the boys for winning the Year 3/4 football event!


Well done to all those children who  have qualified for the next round of the cross country!


Mrs Munro and Mrs Jarman took 13 excited girls to Beacon Academy, to compete in the year 3/4 inter-school football tournament.  All the girls showed great team spirit and resilience against some stiff competition with some outstanding defence and scoring an impressive 10 goals between them.  Ashdown blues came an impressive 3rd and Ashdown whites came 1st! 

Well Done girls!

2 teams competed in the Beacon cluster year 5/6 boys football tournament. The boys played some stunning football against some skilful opponents. Both teams showed great team spirit and passion finishing 3rd and 4th in their groups. Well Done Boys!Mrs Munro and Mrs Jarman took 16 girls to Beacon, to take their turn in competing in the Beacon cluster football tournament. This year, with 10 teams competing, was the highest turnout of girls team ever, which demonstrates how the girls game is developing. Ashdown B played some amazing football, beating one team an incredible 9-0! They finished second in their group, going on to play for 3rd/4th position in the whole cluster. They played with passion and  only losing from a last minute goal from the opposing team. Ashdown A topped their pool, getting into the final against a strong Rotherfield team.  They played some superb football, with all girls showcasing their amazing skills. They thoroughly deserved their 2-0 win taking them on to the next round against teams from all of the Wealden districts, which will be held on the 8th of December. Let’s all which them the best of luck!  A few weeks ago, you would have read on the newsletter about our amazing cross-country team competing in the Beacon cluster races.  8 children from that team qualified for the next round of the competition, the North Wealden Cluster, which was held on Wednesday.  Having spent the past few weeks willing to come into school early and train, it is our great pleasure to let you know that all 8 children have qualified for the Sussex finals in March. Such an incredible achievement for these children to go on a represent Ashdown in such a high-level competition, we wish them all the best of luck!


Physical Education Curriculum Statement

Aims (teaching)

The aims of Physical Education at Ashdown Primary School are to engage all children in a challenging and exciting curriculum which encourages an interest in living ‘healthy active lifestyles’. We believe that Physical Education and sport have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. Physical education and sport are important in giving children the knowledge, understanding and the tools to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being. Working collaboratively, the cluster PE Partnership aims to provide for pupils’ increasing self- confidence through an ability to manage themselves successfully in a variety of situations.

We aim to give children some experience across various sports and activities, both team and individual, to include;

  • - Games
  • - Gymnastics
  • - Dance
  • - Outdoor & Adventurous Activities
  • - Swimming
  • - Athletics
  • - Striking and Fielding

These activities will see children build fundamental skills and also strong social skills in order to complete various tasks set for them. Physical Education will give children the tools to develop skills and attitudes that can assist their learning in other subjects at school, and that are also needed for life and work. These will typically include listening skills, leadership skills, awareness, and co-operation. The schools vision for Physical Education was to provide all the children with an opportunity to take part in a variety of sports and increase their knowledge of sports to try. This is being done by changing the subjects we teach. The children know have lessons such as volleyball, table tennis, boccia, Tchoukball, Blindfold football, tri - golf, lacrosse, badminton and stool ball. This now provides the children with the opportunity to take part in a sport they would not normally take part in.

Children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports and physical activities, carried out in a safe and supportive environment, where effort and hard-work, as well as success, is celebrated. 

Objectives (learning)

Here at Ashdown we encourage all children to:

  • To take part in Physical education lessons
  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Being physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities.
  • To lead healthy, active lives.
  • Be confident in giving things ago


  • To develop their ability to ‘strive to be their best’, by working at maximum effort.
  • Pupils to have a keen interest in sports and taking up sports clubs
  • Play fairly and become a good well recognised team member
  • Always show their best sportsmanship
  • To recognise and celebrate the achievements by their peers.
  • Pupils to be able to evaluate their own and others performance
  • Be given opportunities to rehearse and perform in front of each other
  • Be able to demonstrate a knowledge of rhythm and timing in dance activities.
  • To be able to participate in games activities within various roles (e.g. officiating/coaching).
  • Devise their own rules for variations on modern sporting activities
  • Choreograph and perform various movement patterns.
  • Use their bodies to be able to display various feelings and emotions during aesthetic activities.

Approaches and methods

Physical Education will be taught by classroom teachers, a skilled HLTA within the PE curriculum and an experienced swimming coach. The lessons will be taught through many styles of teaching including command, reciprocal and guided discovery. The schemes of work to be followed will be from a variety of sources both externally purchased and internally created. The schemes of work followed in Physical Education will include cross-curricular links wherever this is possible.

Cross curricular links

Physical Education will be linked to other subject areas such as maths (counting beats in dance and arranging formations in games activities), PSHE (healthy active lifestyles) and science (how the body works).

Health & Safety

The equipment used will be checked annually to ensure it is in a good state of repair and any issues found during the year should be reported to the subject leaders. Pupils will be briefed before lifting any equipment (e.g. benches and gymnastics equipment). There will be adequate supervision in the swimming pool when teaching and a qualified life saver present at all times during lessons. Risk assessments will be carried out for any off site activity and be followed by the member(s) of staff attending the event.


All pupils will be planned for within the Physical Education curriculum and the lessons should be made accessible to all. Some sports lend themselves to this easier than others, but a range of equipment can be implemented to extend or support our pupils.


This is our Long Term Plan for learning in PE:


 This is our Long Term Plan for activities in PE: